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One of my biggest critics is not the one I love, but the one who loves me very much.
… comedy. We all love jokes, and those that make us laugh as well as those that don’t make us…. There are 4 characters in a humorous story. Everyone has their own big love or small problems…. The hero of the comedy is a very positive young man who has something wrong with his head…. Hindi movie stars, Film stars, VIDEO stars, INN STARS, ANGLE STAR SOUNDS. Free Hindu Moment Yoga for Rudra Dad.
There are 3 pilots in the movie and a lot of funny moments! A wonderful comedy film about love and relationships.
I’m sure that its potential audience didn’t even notice that “time” has already passed… This is the best comedy-drama film I’ve ever watched!
As a child, I dreamed of becoming a producer, because I believed that this was a great and noble cause. Then I grew up, and my desire to become a producer remained a dream. Now I regret that I did not have a childhood.
The film is hilarious despite not being about relationships but more about family and trying to make things right in a family. Good movie, I recommend!
Lots of positive emotions. The film is very positive, although the plot seems to be about love. But there is everything here: relationships, morality, family, empathy for the characters, love itself, both external and internal, and of course humor!
So I recommend this movie to everyone.
Good movie! It’s nice to watch even the history of girls, because it’s really worthy of attention!I advise everyone to see!
The movie is hilarious as always. I love it when they overdo it with sex, but this is just right
Great movie! Moderately vulgar, cheerful, funny. I especially liked the moment with the exorcism.
Yes, daddy, I thought so too at first.
A tiny film, but I laughed to tears. I advise you to look.



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