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If you want to provide a self-teaching math environment for your children or if you want to practice basic math skills, you can use FastMath. It's a simplistic application that you can use to take timed tests with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. FastMath's wrapped in a plain-looking interface that doesn't put emphasis on appearance but tries to focus on functionality instead. Before getting started, it's necessary to select the type of operations you would like to make, set the maximum number, and specify the time until the test will be over (in minutes). Practice your calculation speed with this portable tool If you're up for a challenge, you can include two or more types of operations in the test and increase the maximum allowed number. Furthermore, the program can be instructed to show a statistical graph at the end of the test, which takes into account each completed test until that point and displays your speed evolution. An in-test timer can be displayed too if you want to always know how much time you have left until the test shuts down automatically. Lastly, FastMath can also reveal your rate of calculations. Keeps track of both correct and wrong answers If you cannot get a correct answer on the current equation, the tool alerts you with a message, giving you the chance to rethink it. It cannot proceed to the next equation until you input the correct value. Your correct and wrong answers are counted separately and revealed at the end (when time's up). All in all, FastMath may have a modest set of features but it's straightforward and easy to use when it comes to practicing math calculation speed. We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests. The software project is fairly new, however, so there's plenty of room for improvements.


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In this app you will be using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve a series of questions. The main problem of the game is to calculate as fast as possible. You need to click with the mouse until the correct answer shows up in the box. Once you’re finished, you need to click on the ‘Start’ button. You will be given a problem with four answers in the first section. You need to click on the first answer that shows in the box and add it to the total (e.g. the result will be 4 + 2 = 6). Then repeat the process for the next three answers. You will be given ten problem sets in the second section. You need to click on the first answer that shows in the box and subtract it from the total (e.g. the result will be 4 – 2 = 2). Then repeat the process for the next ten answers. For the third section you need to click on each of the four boxes next to the four numbers in the question. Those numbers may range from 2 to 20, with a maximum of 3 numbers in each problem. Once you’re finished, press the ‘Start’ button. For the fourth section you will need to click on each of the five boxes next to the five answers in the question. Once you’re finished, press the ‘Start’ button. After all four sections are over, you will be given the total score for the session. The higher your score the better, but you will need to repeat the process because there are no incremental improvements. You can click ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ buttons within each section to move from one problem set to the next one or return to the first section of the game. The ‘Timer’ button allows you to view how much time you have left until the ‘Start’ button will be activated. You can disable some of the small ads that will show up in the middle of the test using in-app purchases. Price: Free, In-App Purchases Requires Android 4.0 SpeedCrunch Description: The description of the game: In SpeedCrunch you are required to tell the correct time that your mouse (or finger) shows on the display. The idea of the game is to find a balance between accuracy and time. You will have to tap at the precise moment where your mouse (or finger) is on the screen and you need to repeat this way till the time is over. You don’t need to press a

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FastMath is a fast math practice tool that helps you reach your speed goals. It helps you pick any kind of operation, any number range, and any time time frame. FastMath includes many stats features for you to view your progress. Features : – Multiple math combinations like Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division – Wants you to select the math operation to practice – Scores and Stats: Based on your input, the software generates stats like Avg, Std Dev and Score Stats to help you improve your math skills. – In-Test Timer: – Shows you how much time left until test time is over automatically – Shows you the progress of the test (how long it lasted) – Shows you the elapsed time (how long did it take to complete) – Reveals your time in seconds / minutes / hours / days / weeks / months – Shows you your speed (in time) – Counts your correct and wrong answers – Automatically closes the program if the test time is up – Adjustable maximum number of math operations – Adjustable Maximum score – Adjustable Time before test closes (minutes) – FastMath supports iOS 10 and higher. It is Compatible to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. I really love this application and would recommend it to you and all my friends. I have been a math education consultant for over 25 years, and this is the FIRST math program that I recommend to my clients. It is simple, very fast, and easy for even a kid to use. I wish it came with a picture and picture of the various math operations, but we understand that developers are limited with “how” to deliver apps, and that was the case with this developer. It is so easy for parents to use, and children really love using it. I am doing my “homework” on it, and am re-teaching math to my 4th graders. I am now hoping to get this app to sell to other schools to help their children get math and the SATs in school. We used to let the students practice during the time we gave them, but we now have to give them the answers for the test, and this is not a good way to teach math. FastMath is a great way to practice math in a fun way! A valuable app to use for the math education of the kids. Thanks to the developer! I am using FastMath as an alternative b7e8fdf5c8

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This straightforward addition, subtraction, multiplication and division application provides you with a self-teaching math environment. It is designed to help you practice calculation speed. The tool counts the correct answers, wrong answers, overall time, and your calculating speed. The device is portable and you can use it anywhere at any time you want. You can choose the addition, subtraction, multiplication or division calculations you wish to use. The numbers you will attempt to get right include the same numbers that are in the math operations. The calculator will tell you when a test is complete, and you may see a statistical graph of your speed evolution in the test. You can start a second test with the same numbers as in the first one or choose completely new numbers. Once you start a test, the program will calculate the operation using only numbers that are in the equation. There is a time counter, which is visible on screen during the test. At the beginning of the test, you may ask the program if there is a problem. If you want to test the addition operation, you may input A and B, which will be evaluated in the following equation, for example: 4 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 6. If you get the wrong answer, the program will show you the calculation error. The test can be interrupted by pressing the Stop key, which triggers the end of the test. During the test, you may press the Clear key, to clear the equations, if you don’t have the correct answer anymore. If you wish, you can include another type of operation in the test; for instance, multiplication and division may be used in the same test. You can also include a positive and a negative number; for example, 4 x -4. The calculator will show you both operation results in the calculation panel in the bottom. At the end of the test, the calculator will show you the number of correct answers and mistakes, and you can see how many results you produced in each test. You will also be shown a graph, which displays your speed evolution until the test has finished. The program can make notes in the history panel, which provides a list of all the tests you’ve made. The self-teaching math environment allows you to practice your calculation speed with several types of numbers and calculation operations. There’s a timer that counts the seconds during the test. You can see your result in seconds and divide the seconds by 60 to see the minutes. You can see the number of answers. At the beginning

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FastMath, an excellent educational math test application, is an application that helps students test their math skills at the same time it teaches them the basics of math. This fast and powerful mathematical help software assists to improve your math calculation skills, to become a math calculating fast or just to practice your basic math skills. Try FastMath, it’s a simple, free, and effective math test application. FastMath offers the following powerful mathematical features: Read More ›› You can also check out my total reviews on Uptodown: 3 Apps for Camera Tricks and Whatnot App Name Price Official Site Camera Tricks and Whatnot Free chivy Evolution of Cameras (1) Camera Tricks and Whatnot Free Camera Tricks and Whatnot is a pack of some useful camera utility tools, including the camera tricks cheat sheet. The app provides a lot of great tools: rotation, resizing, cropping, image effects, cut corners, etc. The interface is simple and intuitive. You can try out all the essential options like rotation, zoom, brightness, etc., and add an image or any other thing you find useful into the creative effects menu. You can also upload images and link them to the Cheat Sheet for easy reference. There’s a lot of shared tricks in this app, which you can use for yourself or share with your friends. Some 3D images can look better in some specific apps (for example in Photoshop) and Camera Tricks & Whatnot comes with a real-time 3D photo conversion feature, so when you’re enjoying the creative effects, your face might be distorted a little bit. Pro Tip: If you’re more into capturing videos, don’t forget to download Funny Tricks for Videos. I use it every day when I take videos with my iPhone. If you make a mistake and have to redo the job, it’s super easy to see when you’re recording or download and use the video-editing tool. The best part is that this is all free. If you have any other great free apps and want to share them with me, you can contact me to be featured in my next article. Camera Tricks & Whatnot Gallery (3D Images): Applications (1) Lighting Effects Filters Conversion Upload More (1) Read More ›› You

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Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 or Vista operating system. Minimum of 1GB of RAM. Operating system must be 64-bit At least 8GB of free space on the hard drive. DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with a resolution of 1280×1024 or greater. If your video card can’t run at this resolution, your monitor must support resolutions up to 1280×1024 for the game to run correctly. Note: The game is not compatible with video cards below–For-PC-2022.pdf

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