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Number 1, “Super Mod Salty” 5.1″ action figure with posable head and arms.
The album version was printed on thinner stock, with the same design, but with a paper weight of 205 g/m, embossing and white silk covers. This version added a trial batch of “Sunset” in the amount of two tracks on a mini-cassette. At the time, EPs were an alternative expression of pop culture; the first experience of publishing paperback albums about pop stars in America.
After the failure of the “Slipknot” LP in 1994, the band decided to leave Roadrunner Records and wanted to release the album on their own. In 1994, they recorded two of the five tracks (“Iron Soul” and “Survival and Death”) for the “Suicide Blues” EP, which were recorded at the Roadrunners Studios in New York, New Jersey. “Skulls” was released in 1995 and was sold by Roadrunning Records after the “Satanic Lullaby” EP was released in 1996.
It thus became “Slipknott’s first and only full-length record”, and the second in the band’s history to be released as an EP.



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