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Jan 14, 2016
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Security Officer Job in Pune

Quality security is the key to a secure, happy, productive life in a safe environment. The Jhansi Security Guard takes this in consideration when employing his unique and unique blend of qualities.

For all the security works at Jhansi Security Guard, a security officer is involved. The officer is responsible to deal with various emergency situations along with taking precautions for all the employees. The job of a security officer consists of many different things and includes trouble shooting, dealing with the customers, providing security instructions to any visiting guest and others. The duties of the security officer can be divided into several parts and listed below.

Being a security guard is a challenging and incredibly exciting job to work in. With the help of a good boss, you can work in a safe and secure workplace. Getting a job as a security guard also shows your interest in law-abiding work. It is a job which leads to the improvement of yours and the lives of others. A good salary can be expected with proper job experience.

The security officer job includes these qualities:

To be alert

A disciplined and a responsible personality

Good interpersonal skills

Good coordination skills

Personality and character of a responsible and responsible employee

Good communication skills

A positive attitude

Ability to get along with others and to work within a team

People skills to interact with others

Responsibility and accountability

Ability to listen to instructions and follow them

Ability to make decisions, considering safety as well as the company requirements

Ability to resolve issues with people

Ability to resolve issues and issues at an early time

Ability to meet deadlines

Ability to work at a fast pace

Ability to adapt and work under changing environments and conditions

Additional Duty:

A security officer is required to guard the premises after the working hours

A security officer needs to guard the premises in emergency cases

A security officer is also required to be a good guard for the safety of the customer’s employees

Having a vehicle is a compulsory requirement for the security officer





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