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gbText application was designed to help users edit text files. Over 40 different operations are availabe at the touch of a button. Special features include hex viewing of a file, random data generation, analysis of the word and character content of a file, and word wrapping to user-defined widths. Here are some key features of “gbText”: ■ Make batch changes to a text file ■ Over 40 pre-programmed actions ■ Hex viewer ■ Random data file generation ■ Word list/count ■ Selectively keep/delete columns of data ■ Character statistics ■ Online application update ■ Online help ■ Settings saved in registry







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gbText is a windows command line application that allows the user to edit text files in batch. It can convert text files to 7-bit, 8-bit and UTF-16 format, generate random data files, perform a word list or count operation, and more. It can also perform a simple hex-viewing operation and delete/add columns of data. It can also be used to search for characters within the word content of a file. There are two application types: ■ gbText command line, a batch file that can be used without a GUI ■ gbText GUI, a Windows Forms application that can be used without the command line If you want to use the application, download and extract the ZIP archive into a folder on your system and run gbText.bat. The application will appear in the Start Menu. From there, press the “Run” icon to execute it. Extract the gbText GUI archive into a folder. You need to extract the two files from the archive one by one: src.xml and xmllib. Then copy the src.xml file to C:\Program Files (x86)\gbText\bin. For the Windows GUI version, use the gbTextGUI.exe executable. To view the file change log, see here: Change log. Software version history: ■ 1.0 – April, 2004 – Initial release ■ 1.1 – May, 2004 – added hex viewer ■ 2.0 – March, 2005 – added the “operation” feature; has a new set of icons to improve appearance; improved help gbText is distributed on a non-commercial basis. There are no licensing fees. Please see the documentation for more information. Donations are appreciated.So, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard from anyone else. This is my first year of shell (Although I have been a photographer for the past 5 years). For those of you who know me, I’m just another clueless newbie. Keep me posted! I should start this topic by saying that I am an official, unwilling supporter of the FFA. I have a young rooster who is a year and a half old. He is a non-shedder. He came to us from another FFA. We had him for several months when we decided to relocate. We now have a new place and the new owner takes 5 chickens home


■ Make batch changes to a text file, split a large text file and save the sub-files. ■ Over 40 pre-programmed actions – copy, paste, insert, replace, filter, split and merge, random string generator and find/replace… ■ Hex viewer – view the contents of files as hex values ■ Random data file generation – generate random data files ■ Word list/count – see the word count of a file ■ Selectively keep/delete columns of data – copy/paste only columns of interest ■ Character statistics – see the character statistics of a file ■ Online application update – automated update of the online application. ■ Online help – online documentation ■ Settings saved in registry – allow application settings to be saved and reloaded ■ Word wrapping – allow the text to be broken over multiple lines Installation: ■ Install from installer, run gbTextSetup.exe and choose “gbText Professional 5.5.0” under the “Database” menu in the “File menu”. ■ If you don’t have it, copy it to the \bin directory of your PATH. ■ Choose gbText on startup and a clean desktop screen will open. ■ Click on “Start” (button) to open the application program. ■ On the toolbar click on “Help”. ■ Click on “Online Help”, this will open a web-browser window. ■ Click on “Documentation”, this will open a web-browser window. ■ Click on “Settings” to modify the application settings. Note for Windows 7/8 users: ■ Installation of gbText by default sets the new locale to English (not sure why). ■ Click on the “Repair” button at the bottom of the window. You might get an error message that the locale setting is changed. If this occurs, do not proceed to the next step, but instead, click “Ok”. ■ Change the locale back to your native locale. This file will be added to your /User/Library/User Plugins directory if you have already installed ‘gbText’ Uninstall: ■ Open the Windows application ‘Add/Remove Programs’ and uninstall gbText. Note for Windows 7 users: b7e8fdf5c8

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gbText is a free & easy-to-use Windows utility that was designed to help users edit text files. Over 40 different operations are available at the touch of a button. Special features include hex viewing of a file, random data generation, analysis of the word and character content of a file, and word wrapping to user-defined widths. This is a free utility but please donate a small sum to help pay for the server hosting it. – The menu/help are linked from the link to the original 1.0 version (just right click and open). The new link is to the last major update to v2.0 (link in right margin for download). – If you wish to make a donation, please use the following links: – PayPal: – BitCoin: – Bitcoin Cash: – Litecoin: – Ethereum: 0x87e24a4F3d8dc2D3c978A6C9B50817a48e21D43E – Monero: 48ZiBbk4ZCibW3LHu8iF5AZe4K7ytpEg881Wu6xJ7Wvs8PsQfo0KeH – Dash: – Zcash: zch-bf-rprtldir9ea •Delete file •Replace characters (Delete the characters in a file and replace them with an asterisk *, or another character) •Replace words (Delete the words in a file and replace them with an asterisk *, or another character) •Replace a specific line •Find and Replace •Line by line Find and Replace •Replace entire lines •Indent/Outdent •Replace Column (for the text file, list of files) •Split the selected text file into sections •Odd and Even •Toggle column and alternate spaces.

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gbText is a collection of many special action routines which let you edit text files in a variety of ways, depending on your specific needs. If you just want to view a file in hex, check it for viruses, change a word, or remove some unwanted data, gbText will give you a quick solution. GBText will display the hex content of your text file. You can scroll through a single file very quickly, or select several files to see their content simultaneously. Just open your text file and push the button. The program will display the content of the file in hex, with and without characters, words, or even lines. gbText is an online application. If a new version is released, you are informed automatically. Your information is saved in the registry, so it will be available when you start the program. You don’t have to be connected to the internet. Simply download the program for a temporary offline view of the information. You can even edit the registry entries directly. gbText is a good choice if you want to: ■ Analyze the content of several text files ■ Change a word, column or line ■ Delete a word, column, line or character ■ Change a single character’s hex value ■…and much more! GBText Example: From the menu push the Files Watch Folder Users Preferences Options Encoding Clipboard Read Hexview Delete Check Order Validate Wordlist Validate Characters Change wordlist Order Change encoding Save Help Go Clipboard Watch Return/Back You can select and order the view that you want to see. After selecting a new view, you can use the button on the left to return to the previous view. If you are dissatisfied with the current view, use the button on the right to enter an alternate view. If you want to view a different set of text files, select the different files from the Watch Folder window, and press the button. You can also change the content of your Clipboard. Simply select the different content from the Clipboard, and press the button. gbText is a Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 98 application.

System Requirements For GbText:

Please play the game at the minimum screen resolution of 1280×720 and at a recommended screen resolution of 1920×1080. If the game looks too small on your device for you to play comfortably, try installing the graphics settings from the list of potential resolutions: You can find more about the recommended screen resolutions and the required memory and storage space on the Informax web site. 4. Click Next. 5. Set the Sync frequency to “14 days”. If you choose the “1 hour

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