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Glass Zoo is a cool looking animal icon collection that will give a fresh new look to your files and folders. This particular icon pack will provide users with graphical representations of elephants, penguins, snails or snakes.







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Glass Zoo Icon Pack contains many unique icons. The icons represent different animals. Included are • Elephant • Penguin • Snail • Snake Glass Zoo Icon Pack lets you use all the icons, which allows you to create different theme of your documents, presentations, etc. Powerwiz Extreme is a stylish and highly-polished suite of utilities based on the great Powerwiz 2.0. The pack makes use of eye-catching icons and themes to put the finishing touches on your favorite applications and gadgets. Icons are a very important part of every application. So keeping this simple, introduce to you Icon packs, which have free to download mobile applications. Some of the useful Icons packs are Powerwiz Icons, Windows Icons, Windows Mobile Icons and the recent one which is amazing is UMLIcons, just to name a few. UMLIcons is a pack of free UML icons. You can find all the icons on the download section, which is sorted by the category such as Human Resources, Business, Business Products, Automobiles, Food and drinks etc. You can select the one which you think will match your requirements the best from the available categories, download the icon pack and use it in your next project This is a pack of free icons created specifically for Windows Mobile devices. It consists of 16 various icons, each with a different style. You can download and install the icons to use them in your applications, gadgets and any other projects Powerwiz Extreme is a stylish and highly-polished suite of utilities based on the great Powerwiz 2.0. The pack makes use of eye-catching icons and themes to put the finishing touches on your favorite applications and gadgets. MacOSX compatibility — Icons run on Mac too PowerWiz offers quick and easy ways to customize icons – how much time you need to design icons yourself is eliminated by the PowerWiz Icons. With these innovative, professionally crafted icons you can transform the look of any application or a single icon. Icons come in 4 different sizes and 4 different styles. When you select any icon style from the collection, you can edit the Color, Tint, Gradient, Size, Shadow, Anti-alise etc. The file sizes are small so they will run on slow dial-ups as well as fast connections. You can download the PowerWiz icons here for both Windows and Mac. Power

Glass Zoo

— Zoom Out: Help to bring the world around — Kitchen Sink: Optimal stacking of blocks — Disco Ball: For fun in a party — Dirt Bike: Ride for fun — Shooting star: In the sky — Arrows: Point things out — Meditation: Keep calm and collected — Fireworks: Make fireworks for fun — Roaring: Make a roar that scares — Rocking chair: For a sense of relaxation — Dancing: Get up and dance — Lion King: Right away, give an inner roar — Healing: Help to heal — Flower power: For the sense of sweetness — Earthly miracle: Help to get used to the earth — Flower petals: Give a warm wind — San Francisco: For an optimistic view of life — Christmas: New Christmas gift ideas — Jungle safari: For an easy holiday — Glacier: Freeze the time in the snowy landscape — Holiday drinking: Chocolate drinks for a holiday — Holiday knives: Cut up a cake — Holiday candles: Make a sparkle with a torch — Happy face: Smile — Happy animals: Animals around the world Feed Me™ is a gallery of animal icons created from the same excellent free stock artwork that you see in the Docs & Spreadsheets topic. Feed Me Description: — Animals: Get some kind of nourishment — Nail clippers: Cut the grass with a pair of scissors — Bread and butter: For a food that will make you hungry — Folder: With some plans and files — T-Shirt: Wear this to cheer the world up — Plant pot: Help to grow plants — Leaf: Be green like a leaf — Barbecue: Cook for a feast — Water: Flowing in all colors — Touch-screen: For a new control system — Deck chairs: For use in a vacation — South-of-the-border: In the hacienda — Toothbrush: Get rid of an upset stomach — Whiskey: A whiskey will make you hungry — Boy: For crying out loud, eat some bread and butter — Comedy: For some fresh jokes — Cheerio: For a short break from work — Chocolate bar: Get some chocolate in your mouth — Shovel: For a wide range of metals — Bagel: A bagel should be a good staple food — Buzzer: To ring in the lunch time b7e8fdf5c8

Glass Zoo

It features a total of 270 unique icons, which you can place in your desktop folders, web pages, documents, apps and games. The icons are represented with a very modern style, and they can be easily placed on any screen whether it is a mobile device or a desktop. Glass Zoo Features: Check out this cool infographic and let us know what you think! Phoebus Icon Repository is a collection of high resolution stock icons. You can find the best stock icons for your next project in this modern design icon set. This stock icon set is delivered as a single icon set package. The icons included in this set can be easily used for many purposes – design projects, desktop applications, business presentations, print media, and web design. Thanks to the combination of these benefits with high resolution, this icon set will bring all benefits to you. Phoebus Icon Repository Description: Phoebus Icon Repository is a modern design icon set, created by SydtheDesign. The Phoebus Icon Repository is a free icon set which can be used by commercial and non-commercial users. Features: Icon pack is delivered as a single icon set package for easy installation in all applications. This icon set is created in regular size and scalable. Every icon is delivered in PNG format and is available in 8 different colors. All images are of the highest quality. This icon set can be used in your desktop and web design projects, presentation materials, and even for print media. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of all times, especially at breakfast or as a pick-me-up. Here’s a free coffee icon set, made in the great traditional way. The goal is to provide professional quality icons in a simple, clear and playful design. The coffee icons can be used in your desktop applications, presentations and web pages. Coffee Contains: High definition PNG icons are provided for you in PSD format (Photoshop). Each icon includes all it’s layers, so you can edit them in any vector editor. The icons are composed of 4 layers, for transparency. The coffee icons are available in 10 different colors (Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Citron, Green, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Red) Download: Cute Coffee Icons is a cute set of 100 coffee icons made in the stylish and traditional way. It’s not as complicated

What’s New in the Glass Zoo?

The collection of icons are based on the style of the file or folder name. Thus, there are different types of glass icons. One thing that definitely adds to the appeal of this pack of icons is the option to download several sizes of each icon. You can download glass icons in 256, 512, and 1024 sizes. The download package is the most popular of the three. The pack is also available in two versions, one is the full glass zoo collection while the other is a shrunken version. Glass Zoo Edition: Full Glass Zoo Edition Glass Zoo Line of Editions: #1: Glass Zoo #2: Glass Zoo 2 #3: Glass Zoo 3 #4: Glass Zoo 0 #5: Glass Zoo 7 #6: Glass Zoo 3.1 #7: Glass Zoo 6 #8: Glass Zoo 5 #9: Glass Zoo 4 #10: Glass Zoo 2.0 #11: Glass Zoo 1.3 #12: Glass Zoo 0.8 #13: Glass Zoo 8 #14: Glass Zoo 5.0 #15: Glass Zoo 7.0 #16: Glass Zoo 5.1 #17: Glass Zoo 4.1 #18: Glass Zoo 3.1 #19: Glass Zoo 2.0 #20: Glass Zoo 1.2 #21: Glass Zoo 0.9 #22: Glass Zoo 0.7 #23: Glass Zoo 4.0 #24: Glass Zoo 3.0 #25: Glass Zoo 2.1 #26: Glass Zoo 1.1 #27: Glass Zoo 0.6 #28: Glass Zoo 0.5 #29: Glass Zoo 4.2 #30: Glass Zoo 3.2 #31: Glass Zoo 2.2 #32: Glass Zoo 1.2 #33: Glass Zoo 0.8 #34: Glass Zoo 5.4 #35: Glass Zoo 7.4 #36: Glass Zoo 3.5 #37: Glass Zoo 6.3 #38: Glass Zoo 5.3 #39: Glass Zoo 4.3 #40: Glass Zoo 3.3 #41: Glass Zoo 2.3 #42: Glass Zoo 1.3 #43: Glass Zoo 0.7 #44: Glass Zoo 0.4 #45: Glass Zoo 4.5 #46:

System Requirements For Glass Zoo:

CPU: Intel Pentium III 667 MHz Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ AMD Phenom X3 550 AMD Sempron 3000+ RAM: 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 12 GB OS: Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 SP1 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce

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