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hacker news and reddit A hacker (dual meaning) is someone who practices the art or science of exploiting system vulnerabilities for the purpose of revealing security vulnerabilities or for demonstrating their technical skill.[1] Such skills may include hacking, cracking, reverse engineering, writing computer exploits, cracking passwords, and testing the security of computer systems. In a less specific sense, a hacker may also be known simply as a person with a particular interest in computers or networked computer systems. The term hacker is sometimes used in its pejorative sense to describe unauthorized users of computer systems, and in such cases, the term cracker is used instead. Hackers are often characterized as brilliant and inventive, and some of the more notable examples historically included the Massachusetts Institute of Technology computer science graduate students who worked for Thomas A. Edison and the Licklider Report authors who described the Internet. In older texts, a hacker was also described as a “tinkerer” and “hobbyist.” In this context, “hacker” usually means someone who takes a relatively simple electronic device and “modifies” it in some way. For example, a person might modify a radio to change the song being played. At the end of the 1990s, the popularization of the term hacker along with the decline of the personal computer market led to a different meaning of hacker being popularized in the media, namely that of someone who hacks to gain a financial or personal benefit. Today, it is generally accepted that because of these different meanings, the word hacker can be used to refer to different sets of people, including hobbyists (who modify hardware), crackers (unauthorized users of software or systems), and computer criminals (who use computers to commit fraud, theft, or other crimes). Some sources have attempted to redefine the term hacker, but those efforts have not yet caught on. Consider the following taxonomy of hackers: Reversing – When a hacker works to reveal a malicious program’s source code (which is often hidden by a company) Cracking – When a hacker breaks into a company’s computer system without permission Competition – When a hacker starts a company of their own to compete with another company Attacker – When a hacker is motivated to harm the well-being of another person History History of the term “hacker” Prior to the 1970s, there is not much evidence of the use of the term “hacker”. This likely relates

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