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Loneliness is not bad luck, it is a complete inability to communicate with people.
L. N. Tolstoy
A common reaction to receiving information on a given topic is always anguish, which often takes the form of depression, apathy, and indifference to current events. The feeling of inner emptiness, emptiness and loneliness is often mistaken for a feeling of unsatisfied desire, which, in turn, gives rise to an even deeper feeling of inferiority, intertwining with other, even deeper feelings of loneliness, rejection, helplessness, self-contempt. Halley’s Comet © Business Book 1994
The comet, or rather, the S27Zh2 bolide, passed by the Earth at a distance of 35 million km. It was the most unique object, practically unaffected by atmospheric action and flying in the upper layers of the atmosphere at a speed of about 6,000 km/h. The bolide reached perihelion, at 02:03 Moscow time it entered the ultra-far Oort cloud.
After the discovery of the car, which behaved very unusually, unprecedented security measures were taken. They were carried out immediately in three countries, including the UK, South Africa and China. By March 20, the media was reporting virtually nothing on anyone other than China, its government, and the media. It was believed that a single car carries a huge danger, especially if it becomes behaving unpredictably. However, on Monday, March 21, the fireball entered the Oort cloud, and the likelihood of its prolongation increased sharply.
Three days after the discovery of the fireball, scientists reported that the comet was similar to Halley’s long-vanished comet. There is the largest map to date, compiled on the basis of data received from the Chandra Observatory, better known as Chandrayaan-1. It shows some features and characteristics of the comet. On one of the hemispheres of the comet, intense flashes and discharges were observed; on the same hemisphere, the comet disappeared from visual and laser maps.
To open fireballs, a technique is now used that allows tracking their trajectory along the constellation Ursa Major. Comet Haller, the brightest comet in the sky, was discovered in 1603.It belongs to the class short



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