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Databases operate with large quantities of information by storing, retrieving, inputting and managing data. Almost all businesses these days use databases to support internal operations and establish online transactions with suppliers and customers. Typically a database is used to store administrative information and specific data, like economic, engineering, medical or research data models. Multi-platform and portable application Jailer is an efficient application developed using the Java programming language, it works on every platform that includes JRE and you does not require installation. Besides not going through the setup process, you can use Jailer on any computer no matter its operating system, as well as store the executable file on a removable media device to take it anywhere with you. How it works Jailer includes a few database sample models to help you get started with the application and learn its functionality. Also, you can create a new data model from the 'Connect' window. The data model stores information about database tables and the associations between them. Data from these tables can be automatically recovered if you use the 'Analyze Database' option. To create a new database connection, you need to select the DBMS (database management system) you are using from a built-in list and fill a form that should contain information about your alias, JDBC Driver JAR, secondary JAR, Driver-Class, DB-URL, user and password. After you have entered all these details, you can view the tables and associations contained in the database. Associations can be manually defined to complete the data model. Extract unnecessary information from your database Jailer improves the overall performance of your database because it allows you to remove and archive obsolete data without damaging the integrity of tables and associations. Because it is very difficult to manually extract small subsets of data, Jailer helps you extract data from the production database to maintain your working environment up-to-date. Reliable database extraction tool To summarize, Jailer is a handy software utility for database subsetting, data browsing and SQL query programming. This application may be a little difficult to understand by novice users, but it includes a tutorial and an online help manual that ease the learning process.







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Jailer is a Java-based tool which allows you to extract specific data from databases like MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access and MySQL. Using Jailer, you can extract large tables and associations. You can explore the data contained in the tables, navigate through them, create new associations, and even export the new data to the file. Besides, Jailer allows you to visually browse data. You may even query the database from Java directly. Jailer is a freeware. Jailer database extraction tool allows you to extract information from MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases without installing drivers and without reinstallation of client. You may create a portable executable file that does not contain any library and does not require any installation on the computer. Besides, Jailer works as a Java application and allows you to create and analyze small, medium and large databases in no time. Available Fields Below is a brief description of the available fields in the data model. A list of available fields is included in a table. Fields: * TableName: The name of a table in the database. * TableNameAliases: The alias of the table in the database. * TableNameAlias: The alias of the association between tables. * PrimaryKey: The name of a primary key in a table. * PrimaryKeyAlias: The alias of the primary key in a table. * ColumnName: The name of a column in a table. * ColumnNameAlias: The alias of the column in a table. * ColumnNameAliasColumn: The alias of the association between columns. * PrimaryKeyTable: The name of a primary key table in the database. * PrimaryKeyTableAliases: The alias of the primary key table in the database. * ColumnNameFunction: The name of a column in a table that includes a function expression. * ColumnNameFunctionAlias: The alias of the function expression. * ColumnNameFunctionColumn: The name of the function expression. * PrimaryKeyFunction: The name of a primary key function in a table. * PrimaryKeyFunctionAlias: The alias of the function expression. * ColumnNameExpression: The name of a column in a table 2f7fe94e24

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Jailer is a powerful Java desktop database development application, which allows your company to view, create, import and export data from your existing or new database tables. Jailer supports JDBC and ADO.net technology. This application is friendly and easy to use. Jailer Tools: Creating database backup. Creating database project. Connecting with database. Importing and exporting data. Saving data to your database. Browsing your database. Updating and deleting data in your database. Extracting data from your database. Editing and viewing SQL query results. Adding new sql queries. Jailer Features: User-friendly interface. Database project editor. SQL syntax color. Languages: Database Project Editor: The Database Project editor has two main views: data model view and SQL view. In this editor you can view, edit and execute SQL queries, which are used to create/update/drop a data model. Data Model View: The data model view has three parts: Columns view: in this view, you can view all the data and metadata of your table columns, such as datatype, size, is not null and default value. Tables view: in this view, you can see all the tables and their associations. Views: in this view, you can customize database views like select, insert, update, etc. Database Explorer: Database Explorer is an advanced view where you can browse the database tables and associations. File Explorer: File Explorer view allows you to access your data source files such as tables and databases. SQL View: SQL view allows you to see all SQL statements in your database. You can view or edit queries, view all SQL statements in your database. You can use result of query to create SQL Update, Insert or Delete statements. Database Export: Jailer comes with a command line utility, which allows you to export your database to an XML format. You can export your database to a specific path, where you can store it in any format. Database Import: Jailer allows you to import your database tables to your current data model. This is done using the.xsd file..Xsd files contain references between tables and their relationships. Data and Tables Copy/Move: You can copy or move a table to any database location. SQL Query: Jailer comes with a command

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– Database extraction tool; – Provides a detailed description of the database schema in a tree-view; – You can browse the database; – An easy interface; – Query the database and test the retrieval of data; – Convert database to an SQL query that can be used by any application; – Performs much faster than any other open-source tool; – Works on all popular DBMS. Jailer History: – Release date: 16 August 2011; – Work Time: 9 hours. Download Jailer: How to download: 1. Click on the below link. 2. Save the downloaded file. It will open your default download manager. 3. Once saved, double-click on the downloaded file. It should be in a folder named Jailer. 4. Jailer should be installed automatically. You can now start to use Jailer. Jailer Requirements: Jailer is provided as a single executable file, so you do not need to install anything other than the official version of Java (1.6.0_20). There is no need to have a valid license either. While Jailer is a very advanced tool, the minimum requirement for Windows and Linux is the Java JDK 1.6 version, as well as a command line. The minimum requirement for Mac OS X is Java JRE 1.6.0_20. Jailer Supported Operating Systems: Jailer is supported on all platforms that includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Jailer Supported DBMS: Jailer is supported on all platforms that includes the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Important Note: – Jailer should be compatible with all databases that are supported by Java. – Jailer may not work on some older versions of JRE. – The application may not have been tested on some specific DBMS’s. – Jailer may not have been tested on some specific DBMS’s. – The application may not have been tested on some specific DBMS’s. 2. How to Install Jailer on Linux 1. First, download the archive file ‘jailer.zip’. 2. Unzip the archive file to get the application files in a JAR file. 3. Navigate to the directory where the


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Windows 7 x64 or later Intel Core i5 3.3 GHz Processor or AMD equivalent. 2 GB RAM 1 GB VRAM 8 GB available space for installation. Windows and Mac compatible keyboard and mouse. Screenshots: [Player’s menu] [Drive before installing] [Installation process] [Map View and map selection screen] [File Manager before installing]


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