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Having to rename a large quantity of files can be a real time-consuming activity, and there are many reasons you might want or need to do this. Luckily, developers came out with specialized applications like LC Batch Renamer so you can easily change the name of a handful of files of different formats according to a set of rules. Needs to be placed in the target folder The application doesn’t require an installation process to properly function. It’s enough to download it and even place it on an USB flash drive to use on the go. System registries remain clean, thus not affecting the health status of your PC. However, you soon find that portability is not only an advantage by nature in this situation, but it’s the only way to be able to rename those files you want. In other words, the files you want to process need to be in the same folder along with the application executable file. When launched, the main window shows all it can detect in the host folder, with no option to add or delete any files. Poor set of renaming options At a first look, elements look pretty intuitive, with the previously mentioned list of files taking up most of the space, and rules you get to apply found in a separate area. This impression quickly changes when trying to find out how exactly to rename files. This can either be done by directly modifying the name in the list for files individually, but this is no different than conventional methods. To apply batch renaming, there’s a dedicated field, which can also be set with other parameters in order to have files moved to another directory. Changes are instantly applied, at least to the list. It’s only when you want to close the application that changes actually take effect, with the application itself being fitted with the same renaming parameters as well. Unfortunately, filter flexibility is rather poor, with no options to delete characters, insert in between, add date, or other elements. The only way files are renamed all together is by placing your input in front of the existing name. In conclusion On an ending note, LC Batch Renamer gets the job properly done, but you need a bti of time and patience to get to know the set of features, and how they’re used. Documentation is pretty shallow, and it’s best to try it on a set of files you don’t really need, so you don’t risk losing or damaging any important ones.







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LC Batch Renamer Serial Key is a small program designed to batch rename files. This software is relatively new and requires a minimum of administration. Unfortunately, the application only allows batch renaming to complete. To start the process, the user will be prompted to input a file, and it must be placed either on the host’s system or on the flash drive. LC Batch Renamer is not intended as a replacement for other applications, but it does offer a fair set of easy to use renaming options. LC Batch Renamer is not the right tool to do serious file renaming or moving, since it lacks many important editing features. As previously discussed, it’s best to test it on something you don’t really care about, since the application can’t offer much resistance to changes. LC Batch Renamer Program details: Name: LC Batch Renamer Publisher: Link-Builder Software Size: 16.5 MB System Requirements: Windows XP or higher 1 GHz CPU 128 MB RAM Views: 3,954 Starting download, save LC Batch Renamer on your Desktop. Run the downloaded file and click on the icons to continue the installation or just exit the installation when the program finished installing. Download LC Batch Renamer setup file via torrent, all the links are free and safe, and installation will be done in a matter of minutes. Double click on the icon of LC Batch Renamer.exe to run the setup file. Then LC Batch Renamer setup file will automatically start the installation process. LC Batch Renamer will successfully install on your system in a matter of few minutes. Follow the on-screen prompts to continue with the installation process. When the installation process is finished successfully, you can go ahead and double-click on the shortcut of LC Batch Renamer on the Desktop or start it from the Start Menu. Then LC Batch Renamer will be started. You can use it and start batch renaming the files in the current folder by clicking on the “Add new files” button or adding the files you want the program to batch rename. Double click on the icon to continue or exit the program. Don’t forget to check the “Remember this application” box when you launch the application.

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LC Batch Renamer is an application that allows you to quickly and easily rename several files. In other words, the tool is a processor that allows you to change file names instantly, quickly and easily. The application comes packed with an easy-to-follow interface that’s kept things simple and intuitive. In addition to renaming files, you can check the data and extensions, as well as all available attributes. ]]> 22 Oct 2014 12:53:45 +0000LC Batch Renamer is the best batch renamer for Windows. You can rename your files based on some set of rules. There are a lot of new features that not many users know. There are around 10 levels of configuration: Rename First, Rename Root, Rename Number of Characters, Rename by Name and so on. You can add a file with one, two or ten lines of text that will be inserted before the file’s text. You can move files by specifying their path, and create folders. You can skip one file while renaming another or merge some files and so on. You can process files with notepad if you want, but it’s not recommended, if you can use the batch renamer, it’s much safer. This renaming program can be run by it’s own or from the Windows Explorer context menu. Rename files, move them, combine them, delete them, encrypt, encrypt all or delete them all.There is just too much to even mention here. The main features are: XML based settings, Filter, Move Filename, include file name, exclude file name, add file name, remove file name, rename file, rename files, fast renaming, forward renaming, create folder or folder with same name, merge and split files. You can also exclude a file when you rename it, add file text, use regular expression to replace characters, extract file name and extract file extension. You can also use the n number of files renaming ( file1, file2, file3… ), you can also use different b7e8fdf5c8

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LC Batch Renamer is a specialized tool that replaces many of the functions of the standard-renaming method. LC Batch Renamer will help you renaming a large number of files. The application is based on the ChangeFolder, which is a tool that was made for precisely that purpose. This software is based on a set of filters that can be applied on files, folders, and maybe other objects. You can use the auto change feature to rename the files, or you can also do it manually. You can filter what you want to see and for how much time you want to see it. Features: • Edit the name of files in a specific directory • Change attributes of files and folders • Remove characters from the name of files or folders • Allow images and other extensions • You can search for the string “A” in files or folders • You can insert strings and numbers in the names of files • You can find the string “A” in a specific folder or a date in file names • You can set the text size • You can merge the attributes of files and folders • You can delete characters from the name of files or folders • You can change the case of the name of files and folders • You can use an auto change • You can use a text filter • You can search for any text (except for text “A”) • You can merge the attributes of files and folders • You can manage and delete objects from a list • You can use a text filter • You can set the number of lines per file to be ignored • You can set the number of lines per directory • You can set a maximum number of characters for a file name • You can use a directory filter • You can use a file filter • You can set the number of seconds to wait before renaming a file or folder • You can use a folder filter • You can use a list to show the filtered results • You can remove the folder “Unwanted” • You can search for a file or a directory • You can change the attribute of files and folders • You can rename a file and a folder at the same time • You can place the output in a new folder or on the same one • You can use a fixed list (name of files) • You can save the result in a text file • You can use a dictionary • You can use

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LC Batch Renamer is a PC application that makes your life easier to rename batches of files, images and more. It enables you to change the file name of your files into a custom format. In addition to rename general files, LC Batch Renamer can process photos, videos and much more. You can simply drag and drop files into the application to modify them. Only the operating system need to be installed and the process is totally automatic. So, it’s suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The installation of this software is simple. You don’t need any special skills or be a computer expert. You can just follow the simple instruction and press the start button. What’s New In Version 2.9.4? Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred when folder key was pressed. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused crash. Fixed a bug that caused the computer to boot slowly. The software can’t recognize the run time of the system after you make the changes. Compatibility Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP System Requirements Windows XP or newer, x64 bit (default) Screenshots LC Batch Renamer Publisher’s Description LC Batch Renamer is a professional application developed by LazycatSoftware and makes your life easier to rename thousands of files or images, even on the fly. You may have work with hundreds or even thousands of files and images. Frequently, we need to rename them or move them, but it is a very time-consuming and energy-consuming process. LC Batch Renamer can make your life easier to handle. LC Batch Renamer can automatically renames or moves your files according to rules of your choice. You can set it to rename/move multiple files, combine the file extensions, apply some kind of format, etc. LC Batch Renamer is the best solution to rename your files. This program is easy to use. No training is needed to master the whole working with LC Batch Renamer. Just input the files you want to process, select the Rename rules and press Start button. It takes only a few clicks to get the job done. LC Batch Renamer supports WinRAR, Zip, 7z, TAR, ZIP, RAR, ISO, IFO, TAR, CAB and 7z formats.

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