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How to recover a lost (or deleted) clipboard?

When I have copied something to the clipboard and then I hit the delete key on the keyboard, most of the time it is gone forever.
How can I recover these and also paste it again?


The easiest way to recover a missing clipboard is to just close all your programs and open the original one again.
Another way is to use Application→Run… (Windows) or ⌘T (Mac) then enter a program you want to open, and when you click ⌘R, the application will reopen and prompt you for the last thing you copied.

CLAYTON, Mo. — An immigrant family has been tearfully reunited with their four children, after being separated at the Mexican border with the United States.

They were put on a bus to the Customs and Border Protection facility in St. Louis, where officials said some of the children had been “unhealthy and malnourished” after being detained at the border.

“We arrived to an empty bus with lots of kids, and all we could see were kids, heads and hair,” says Susana Valenzuela, the family’s daughter, after the group was released on Tuesday. “It’s a very bad thing that happened. I feel bad for those kids.

All 10 members of the family, including children as young as two and three and their parents, were taken in for processing, and released by the CBP.

“It was like a cruel game,” Susana says. “The father and I were told we were going to be processed together with the kids. They told us to get on the bus, so we got on the bus. They told us to get off the bus, so we got off the bus. Then they told us to do one thing, and we did another thing, and then they said ‘here’s your bus ticket.’ Then we thought we’d go and get the kids, but they told us to get back on the bus, and we did that. Then they told us to walk away, and we did that.”

CBP officials confirmed Tuesday that four of the children have been released to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, while the remaining six children are still being processed for processing. The children were taken to


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Oct 9, 2010
The domain adaptation of spectrum-based method for multi-target detection.
This paper presents a novel and fast region growing technique for multi-target detection, which makes use of the domain adaptation of spectrum-based method. Similarity between different types of objects is ignored during the process of target detection, and the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm has been validated in a wide range of applications. For a given frame, the image is decomposed into the spatial spectrum domain and the temporal-spatial spectrum domain. The spectral information from the spatial spectrum is concentrated by the histogram analysis, and is further employed as the context parameter. The central pixel in the context image is regarded as the initial center for the target region. A detailed implementation strategy and an improved optimization criterion are provided to speed up the thresholding process and boost the performance. Extensive experimental results on several challenging video sequences demonstrate the effectiveness of the algorithm.Gaffney, South Carolina (CNN) Hillary Clinton’s decision to hang out on the golf course with Donald Trump after a long day of campaigning turned into an opportunity for political theater: She was seen helping Trump up a ladder to put a bag of balls in a tree.

But after getting a little help from her friends, it turned into a footstool.

Clinton was spotted on the course, near Trump’s golf club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, about two hours after casting her ballot early Wednesday morning and about a half-hour before Trump was expected to finish his vote.

The former first lady and secretary of state, holding her arms out to help the GOP nominee put the balls into a tree, is now familiar with the beauty of tree-climbing, she told reporters in her first comments on Trump’s game of golf.

“I think it’s interesting because this is a passion of his. He’s a very good golfer. I think he got going on this a couple of months ago. And I think he has now found a game, a great game,” Clinton said on the course.

“So he was finding ways to shoot and put, which you have to be pretty good at it,” she added. “Golf is a hard game, and I think you need a lot of practice and strength. So I’m glad he found it.”

‘Huge win’

Trump and Clinton were each grabbing a few victories on

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