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Online Chota Bheem Movie In Hindi


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Some more fun facts about India.
British scientists have proven that there are many single women on the streets of Delhi, because there is the highest density of single men in the world.
Scottish researcher David Lampton found that interest in ice cream has skyrocketed in India.
The India Publisher published a report in 2009 stating that one in two Indian drivers is mentally unstable.
During the census of India, the highest birth rate in the world was found.
To date, India holds the absolute record for the number of people born with Down Syndrome per capita.
Many Indians still live in a cave built about 4500 years ago.
The large Indian city of Delhi is the most populated city in all of India, with a population of almost half of the total population of the country.
Removing hair during shaving in men, on average, leads to the production of hormones.
If you want to go to a posh event in India, then you will have to contact the authorities, because no private person has the right to advertise the event in the press or on television.
Solemn ceremonies in honor of public holidays and special religious ceremonies in India are held in large squares where many people gather.
It is only in India that many horse carriages can be seen on wide avenues, because the country has a valley where it is almost impossible to use cars.
The Indian Postal Service has about 130 branches scattered throughout the country, including in Bangalore.
Rubies illegally imported for sale are valued at hundreds of millions of rupees.
Most tourists in India on about. Sri Lanka, in Mumbai, Goa and Delhi.
Criminal elements were attracted not only by the Hare Krishna church, but also by the fact that they did not pay taxes.
The protagonist of the film “Indian Tourist” Bhattacharya was in prison, because. he robbed a bank.
Monk Radheshwar is a living incarnation of Vishnu.
Here is how to use the difference between Maharashtra and Aravalli in trading



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