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SSD (Solid State Drives) are becoming more and more popular due to the many advantages they have over the traditional HDD, including improved mechanical resilience, transfer speeds that are sometimes tens of times higher, lower power consumption and the lack of noise.
Of course, an SSD is nothing more than a more advanced form of storage and data transfer, meaning that although at a slower rate, it does suffer from the same problems a regular HDD may have.
As such, a third-party software utility can come in handy when using such storage devices, one good choice being OPTIMUM SSD Tool.
Sleek UI, versatile tools
OPTIMUM SSD Tool presents itself in a modern-looking UI, quite befitting of an application meant to optimize the next generation of storage devices.
Everything is designed in a minimalist yet highly intuitive manner, making it good for the modern user.
Down to its very core, OPTIMUM SSD Tool is nothing more than a health monitor the overall status of your SSD.
Handle multiple SSDs
If you have multiple SSDs installed on your PC, the program first has you choose which one it should monitor, before you get to the monitoring part.
You are then treated with a comprehensive graph showcasing your SSD's current storage situation, as well as detailed information regarding as to what files occupy most of the space.
See if you got your money's worth
If you're curious about your SSDs actual performance, you can use SSD Optimum Tool to test out the transfer speed it is capable of, both when reading and writing.
More so, this utility allows you to update the firmware of your SSD, if an update is available of course, and it also allows data migration between the multiple drives you may have installed.
Always know the state your SSD is currently in
OPTIMUM SSD Tool is by no means groundbreaking, nor does it bring any enhancement tools to the table, but if you're a first-time SSD user and are concerned about the well being of the device, then having this tool installed is definitely to your benefit. While it was designed specifically for GOODRAM SSDs (CX300, CX400, PX400, S400, IRDM, IRDM Pro and IRDM Ultimate), it comes with features that support any SSD.








*Sleek UI, versatile tools
*A third-party utility that monitors the overall state of your SSDs health.
*Handle multiple SSDsThis invention relates to a semiconductor manufacturing process and to a chip resistance element.
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To form a deep contact hole, as shown, for example, in FIG. 9, the following two steps are typically performed: first, a field oxide film 11, a BPSG (buried polysilicon film) 12, an insulating film 13, and an etch stop film 14 such as BPSG are deposited on a silicon substrate 10, and the etch stop film 14 is selectively etched so that an opening having a depth of “D” is formed in the BPSG 12; and second, a conductive film and a barrier film are deposited thereon and etching is performed using a resist pattern having an opening of a width “w” so that a conductive plug 17 having a depth of “W” is formed in the BPSG 12.
If such contact hole reaches a region under the insulating film 13 in the silicon substrate 10 as shown in FIG. 9, not only the lower surface of the conductive plug 17 is exposed but also the conductive plug 17 is formed to have two different heights. The resist pattern may be formed in such a manner that the opening is shaped into a rectangle rather than a square and the opening is smaller than the conductive plug 17 in the lateral direction. In this instance, two different resist patterns having different lateral dimensions must be used, with the result that the processing steps are complicated and the manufacturing cost is increased. The shape of the resist pattern can be formed in a square by using the X-direction as the lateral direction, but, in this instance, a problem arises in that the opening in the resist pattern is too small to expose the bottom of the opening to the entirety of the resist pattern and the bottom of the opening is not perfectly even. This may lead to an incomplete contact between the plug 17 and the element region and cause an electrical short circuit

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5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Features
5.1.3 Frequently Asked Questions
5.2.1 Download
5.2.2 Download Details
5.2.3 System Requirements
5.2.4 Installation
5.2.5 Installation Details

This screen captures a nice aspect of the software. It shows you the information for each drive connected to the computer. The name of the drive is the name that appears in the system tray. The size of the drive is the size of that drive on the computer. The reads/writes are what percentage of the drive is either being read or written. This gives you an idea of how full the drive is. The location tells you where the drive is connected and the letter of that drive.

Click to expand…

The General information tab shows where the software found the data for that drive. I chose the drive by looking on the system tray.

The Properties tab shows what the drive is in really fast. You see how full the drive is. You also see the amount of time the drive has been in use and the amount of time it has been idle. I chose the drive by looking on the system tray.

The System tab shows what the drive has been installed and if it was installed with the computer. I chose the drive by looking on the system tray. You can put the drive into standby if you like.

The Status tab shows all of the information in a very easy to understand fashion. On the read/write bar you see how full the drive is and how long ago it was last read and/or written. The bar shows the information about time and the reading and writing.

The FlexSpace tab shows the difference in size between the free and used space. You can see the difference between the unused and used space on the drive.

This is the Hardware tab. You can see the name of the drive in the system tray. You see the size of the drive and the size of the partition. You also see what the drive is installed with. I chose the drive by looking on the system tray.

The Status tab shows all of the information in a very easy to understand fashion. On the read/write bar you see how full the drive is and how long ago it was last read and/or written. The bar shows the information about time and the reading and writing.

Click to expand…

I see what

OPTIMUM SSD Tool [April-2022]

Intuitive interface to optimise storage on your computer.
Comprehensive monitoring of your storage device, including free storage space, read speed, read/write speed, and more.
See if your storage device is compatible with your computer.
Upgrade SSD firmware if necessary.

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?


After a lot of research, I have finally found my ideal SSD. I tried a couple of SSDs but none of them worked the way I needed. I would put my computer to sleep, it would awaken, and I would get a popup of a device not recognised, or a program would not load. Most of these drives were not stable nor did I understand how to use them.
The problem:
I owned a Toshiba Ex4200, and it was not able to run Windows 8.1 smoothly. I quickly moved to Windows 10 to get it working, but it was still slow. It seemed that the SSD had an issue. After a lot of research on the Web I found out that I needed to install a software. “OPTIMUM SSD Tool”. This tool then showed me the errors, and told me what was the problem, and what solution to the problem.
I was quite happy when I found the solution. But I decided to wait with the change, and purchased a new SSD. After the purchase, I moved my HDD to the new SSD. I then uninstalled the ex4200 software.
The new SSD:
I bought it from MR Direct. It costs $130.00 less than other stores. I managed to get it at the proper price. I did not want to go with the original release prices of the SSD, I wanted to be sure that it was in good condition. The warranty is 1 year, and they offer a 30 day money back. I then saw that they have 3 different storage sizes, I opted to choose the one I wanted. It was tested at the minimum capacity, i.e. 19 GB. I also asked for it to be “seeded”, meaning it was free of bugs. I am happy with my decision.
Trouble-free Optimum SSD Tool
The software is good, and easy to use.
The only ‘difficulty’ with it was that it was a little bit slow and for that, I have a slower PC, and have Windows 7 installed on it. Windows 8.1 was too slow. This seems to be an issue of Windows 8.1 and

What’s New in the OPTIMUM SSD Tool?

?Health monitor
⚠ To keep it short, STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE THE BIG MNC’S AND START BEING DIFFERENT! – My Story and Why I made the Common Program

Fully working APP

Select SSD Type using 2 types or multiple SSDs

SSD Health Monitor

Next is the SSD Health monitor where you will get all the useful information such as status, storage, health related info and tool to migrate data…


Next is the SSD Health Monitor where you will get all the useful information such as status, storage, health related info and tool to migrate data…

Data Migration

Now, that you have SSD and have three top data migration tools, you can able to migrate data to your new SSD…

SSD Migration

Now, that you have SSD and have three top data migration tools, you can able to migrate data to your new SSD…


For those who like to understand the data and the info of your SSD, get the Transcendence…


Now, get the Manual of SSD, and more….?

Who is BossMEX?

Having downloaded a few of the benchmarking softwares available at the time, BossMEX was formed to offer users, a one-stop-shop for SSD tests.
As a company, we came to the realization that, much like the trend towards OLED screens, SSDs will one day become a standard tool in computing. Thus, here at BossMEX, we decided to get our hands dirty, making software that would help in the discovery of those new storage devices.
In the process, we have kept several qualities in mind: quality tools, user-friendly interface, and professional coding practices.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Processor: Intel Core i7, i9
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Language: English
Bundle includes the mod & others.
How to Install:
Install older version of the mod.
Disable the mods you don’t want to


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