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PaperCut Quota is a print and internet charging, quota and monitoring system for Windows networks. PaperCut Quota – Manage user credit and access, Monitor expenditure, Track pages printed, Track internet usage. It was specifically developed to meet the need in schools and Universities to promote the responsible use of IT resources. It also has applications in business where there is a need to implement a user-pays system or silent monitoring. Install options include: · Combined print and internet charging · Print charging and monitoring only · Internet charging and usage tracking


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Made for schools and Universities A secure system for tracking print and internet charges. This IT Resource is a simple solution to the needs of managing IT resource usage and charging. PaperCut Quota Serial Key was developed to match the needs of schools and universities where there is a need to control the use of IT equipment. It is simple to install and use as it is an easily manageable system. PaperCut Quota can be deployed as · An Active Directory server · A non-AD server · Stand-alone The resource is sold as an unlicensed product, and no user account is required for installing it. Users can select their own user account name. Under a user account, users can assign their own limit and charge for. This is an ideal solution to administrators in schools who want to control the use of IT equipment and who are not allowed to give out user accounts, especially when they are running on a centralized network. PaperCut Quota can be used as a distributed system with several nodes, each having one or more users. In this case, a central administration server is not necessary. With a single node, the system works as an internal quota and usage tracking system. Integrated with Access policy editor PaperCut Quota works with a variety of access policy editor (APE) software. In particular, it can be used with Microsoft’S BPM security policy editor. APE limits the number of users. Users who exceed their limit will be asked to purchase additional credits. The clients authorize the purchases with the APE. After the limit is exhausted, APE reports the cumulative amount of the user’s purchases. PaperCut Quota can also be used with other access policy editors. Real world scenarios PaperCut Quota provides a user-pays system for controlling print and internet charges. Consider the scenario of a printer owner who wants to control the number of pages printed, but the printer has no built-in counting mechanism. The owner deploys PaperCut Quota as follows: – The administrator sets a limit on the number of pages that can be printed per month. – Whenever a client wants to print something, the administrator copies the limit and the amount of paper required. After each copy, a new record is created in the log file. After a month, the administrator looks at the log file, and subtracts the amount from the total allowed amount. He also creates a report that shows the total

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· Print charging and monitoring only · Internet charging and usage tracking · Print quota individually set for users · Internet quota individually set for users · Internet quota can be assigned to individual users or groups · Standard user interface · Standard monitoring and billing options · Internet Charging can be configured to charge by host or by IP address. · Multiple user logins support. · Log records and history can be downloaded for use offline. · Supports multiple domains and DNs. · Supports large networks with many users. · Supports group administrative functions. · Reports can be saved and printed. · Supports many different reports for simple and complex usage · Supports the use of a proxy server for batch usage of internet quota · Supports a web reporting form · Supports gzip, gzip and ZIP compression · All logs and reports can be exported in PDF format · Web based quota control and pricing · Checks per domain · Individual user quota · Multiple page quota · Choosing per domain for internet usage · Choose pages to be charged · Track total usage · Track per domain · Track cost per week · Track cost per page · Track cost per week for paper printing · Track cost per page for paper printing · Choose print options · Print Usage report · Print group charges · Print group reports · Print cost per page · Print cost per week · Print cost per domain · Print cost per week per domain · Print cost per page per domain · Print cost per week per page per domain · Activate and deactivate user accounts. · Manage local passwords · Manage remote passwords · Manage user auto logging in and auto logging out. · Manage internet quota. · Manage domain and network quotas. · Manage user group quotas · Manage domain per user (Group) quotas · Manage domain per user (Group) per page quotas · Manage domain per user (Group) per week quotas · Manage user per domain quotas · Set print on demand paper. · Set print on demand paper per domain · Set print on demand paper per user · Set print on demand paper per user per domain · Set print on demand paper per domain per page · Set print on demand paper per domain per user per domain · Set print on demand paper per domain per user per user per domain · Set print on demand paper per week 7ef3115324

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PaperCut Quota is a robust, simple to implement Windows network quota program that can be installed on a computer, a print server or any Windows computer on your network. It works with a network of networked printers and a networked web browser, it can be used to track usage of printers/cameras/mouses, and bill users as required. After installation, set a quota limit and collect the user details required, then create a report and send to the administrator. Once a report is created, it can be viewed online or printed, emailed. PaperCut Quota is an ideal solution for schools and universities that want to promote a responsible use of their IT resources. It can also be used to monitor expenditure, charge users and bill for use of the network. It also has applications in business where there is a need to implement a user pays system or silent monitoring. PaperCut Quota Features: Requires user interaction to create a credit history. Specialised: Is for use with paper printers and web access. Flexible: Can be used as a stand alone system for print, internet or both. Resolution independent: Supports 100 dpi or lower resolution, ready for the future. Supporting additional features: Multiple users, usage reports, remote billing, arbitrary charges, per user, per group or per computer Not within a specific time period: Controls start and stop times, eg. 24 hours, 8 hours etc. Option to notify administrator: Handy to give credit for exceptional services. Option to notify administrator: Notify if a user exceeds the defined quota by an amount you specify. Other Features: There is an online help section, a manual, source code, a program manual, a web site, a tutorial and a customer support section on the web site. Installation: MS-DOS 6.0/Windows 95/NT 3.1/NT 4.0/95/98/Millennium Edition/Millennium OS The following methods are available for installing PaperCut Quota: · Install as a client: The client version, installs on the printer client or client pc. · Install as a print server: The print server version, installs as a print server to be used with a printer server and internet access. · Install as a web server: The web server version, installs as a web server to be used with web access. SoftPerfect P

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· Charge/Monitor customer accounts · Distribute customer accounts in schools/universities · Combine print and internet charging · Add/remove accounts · Set up/Remove screens · Unlimit usage · Monitor printing, browsing, and internet usage · Remove/display accounts · Signup/account management · Display message · Setup/monitoring per account · Setup/monitoring per printer · Add web sites (URL) and list them · Support for silent printing · Support for Windows 98/ME PaperCut Quota’s Features: Print and Internet charging Quota and monitoring User accounts Silent printing Web site list Setup and monitor per user or per printer Support for Windows 98/ME Ease of use Compact size and minimal installation Downloading and installation Users have full control over access to the print Users have full control over access to the internet Users have full control over spending Full training provided Availability as a ready-to-use system, with standard modules. (I.E. No custom scripts or modules required) The size of the Hard Drive space needed will vary from computer to computer. Generally only 10% of the computer hard drive is used. It was designed to be compact and to use minimal space. The default installation is only 6mb of space required. A 32bit system needs at least 350MB of hard drive space. Install from the trial version CD 1 64bit system needs at least 1.5GB of hard drive space. Install from the trial version CD 1 Watch this demo to see PaperCut Quota in action: PaperCut Quota will need at least 10mb of hard drive space (installation requires less than 10mb of hard drive space) Download the latest version of PaperCut Quota here PaperCut Quota is a professional online book distributor, for example, you can not install different printing software or internet service providers simultaneously. For this reason, we do not guarantee, that a setting of the print job settings will not disturb. Always test print jobs before you print and follow the user manual. If you can not find the correct value, please contact us. We will try to help you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about setting up or running PaperCut Quota, please use our manual. The manual is available at: Print and

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* OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP * Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3.2GHz or later * Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended) * Graphics: DirectX 9 or higher compatible DirectX-compliant video card * Hard Disk: At least 40 GB free disk space * Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card * DirectX: Windows Media Player is required to play game videos. * Internet Connection: Broadband internet connection * Game

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