Recipe Keeper Crack Free [Win/Mac] (2022)

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to find interesting recipes on the web, but keeping them organized is another matter altogether. If you need a bit of help, this application may just be for you.
Recipe Keeper is a feature-packed app that can help you manage your recipes with ease, extract information from various websites, plan your meals and create shopping lists. It even allows you to synchronize your data across multiple devices.
Add all your recipes or import them directly from the web
If you already have your recipes stored locally, or if you are adding them from a physical cookbook, you can input the information manually. You can enter each recipe’s source, serving size, preparation time, cooking time, ingredients, directions and notes, as well as define its course and category.
However, if you are getting your recipes from the web, you should be pleased to learn that this application can extract data automatically from numerous cooking websites. It uses a built-in browser to perform a Google search, and the available information will be filled in automatically once you open the recipe’s page.
Find your recipes easily, plan meals and create shopping lists
Once you have created a decent-sized cookbook, you can find your recipes organized by course, and a search function is also available. Additionally, you can mark certain recipes as favorites to find them even more quickly.
Recipe Keeper comes equipped with an intuitive shopping list creator, which allows you to add ingredients directly from a recipe’s page for added convenience.
Moreover, the built-in meal planner makes it much easier to stay on top of everything, as it enables you to schedule meals and even add ingredients to your shopping list.
Access your recipes from multiple devices
Users who upgrade to Recipe Keeper Pro can create an account and synchronize their data across several devices. However, it should be noted that the Windows Phone, Android and iOS apps all need to be purchased separately.
In a nutshell, Recipe Keeper is a pretty impressive piece of software, essentially a modern cookbook that can be modified, organized and shared easily. It features an intuitive layout and offers some handy features, such as a meal planner and shopping list creator.


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Recipe Keeper Crack+ Free [Mac/Win] (Latest)

– Over 500,000 recipes available in your kitchen…

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Recipe Keeper License Key

Every recipe you share or import will be automatically stored in Recipe Keeper Crack For Windows, so you can easily reference it at a later time. Customize the layout, categories, and rearrange each recipe without ever opening your cookbook.
You can even make notes and add other recipes that you love. With this app, you are not left to muddle through your recipes on your own. Your recipes are all in one place.
Now, you can finally start planning your meals, shopping lists and more.
Create your recipes the way you like!
Add notes or changes to individual recipes.
Enjoy an automatic recipe browser and automatic recipe extraction.
Quickly sort recipes by course, menu, ingredient or tag.
Vocabulary words and definitions are also added automatically.
What’s New
Introducing: User menu
You can now go to your user menu to review and change the following settings:
Cooking up a storm
Carefully manage your recipes and your shopping list.
Recipe Keeper can help you navigate the complicated kitchen so you can spend more time cooking and less time organizing.

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Recipe Keeper Crack+

With thousands of recipes in your hands, Recipe Keeper is where you need to go for easy and intuitive recipe management. It is a simple app, but offers plenty of power. It can be your best tool to find your next meal and get your recipes organized. It has great features, such as a search function to quickly find your recipes, a built-in browser to look up recipes from various websites and a smart meal planner. Over 2,000,000 recipes are built in, and new recipes can be added from the web and downloaded.
Key Features of Recipe Keeper:
★ Save your recipes. Create, edit and organize your own recipes and organize your recipes into courses and categories.
★ Search for recipes from the web or your phone
★ Convert almost any website (especially the ones in PDF format) to a recipe
★ Browse the web for recipes, calculate nutritional information and print your recipes.
★ Find recipes from online sites and automatically save them to your collection.
★ Offline recipe editing
★ Save multiple recipe templates and create customized shopping lists
★ Share your recipes on any social network
★ Bookmark recipe pages and combine recipes for a great meal
★ Organize recipes by their course and category, and manage them with ease
★ Swipe and scroll your way through hundreds of recipes
★ Share your favorite recipes to other social networks and sync them across your multiple devices.
★ Export your collection as a PDF
★ Search your ingredients and grab the ones you need quickly.
★ Create a shopping list with your recipes, find a recipe by ingredients and sort recipes by season, interest or mood.
★ Schedule your meals and set reminders
★ Run searches based on your ingredients and their availability
★ Take pictures of your recipes and create a rich card view.
★ Manage your recipes with ease
★ Save recipes, edit, and export them to email.
★ Create a favorites list and add your favorite dishes to it.
★ Send your favorites list to others and invite them to your collection.
★ Label your favorite dishes with tags so you can find them easily.
★ Use a smart meal planning system to organize your recipes.
★ Use the built in browser to search for recipes online.
★ Set meal time and recipes for the week.
★ Synchronize your data across multiple devices using the Recipe Keeper Pro feature
★ Convenient one-tap sharing and collaboration
★ Customize your apps to get the look and feel you want
★ Make your favorite dishes instantly to create

What’s New In Recipe Keeper?

Manage all your recipes in your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone in one app and never forget a recipe again!
It’s easy to create delicious recipes that you can add to your Recipe Keeper app.
From cooking websites and apps on your iPhone or Android phone, Recipe Keeper accesses each recipe’s data automatically so you don’t have to manually enter any information.
Then, you can simply add ingredients directly from the web and Recipe Keeper will automatically extract the recipe’s title, source and directions.
Organize your recipes by course, meal and holiday to quickly find the dish you are looking for.
Quickly search your recipes by course, meal, day and other criteria to find the one you are looking for.
Add your favorite recipes as favorite recipes and check out the ones that you have already added.
Meal planners are available to help you keep track of your meals, and Recipe Keeper even allows you to create and share shopping lists with ease.
There are also shopping sections available so that you can easily add items to your shopping list.
Sync data across your iPhone and iPad, and across multiple devices, with a single password!
Sync your recipes between your iPhone and iPad and across multiple devices with a single password.
Add all your recipes to your iPhone or iPad to keep all of them in one place.
Download Recipe Keeper from the App Store for free, or click here to access the Recipe Keeper trial.

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System Requirements For Recipe Keeper:

– Mac OS X 10.10.x or later.
– A USB keyboard is recommended
– USB mouse
– 8 GB or more of free space on your HD
– No need for installation
– Manual installation is highly recommended
– Ram: Minimum 1 GB
– HD space: 4 GB
– 100 MB of internet data
– Mac OS X 10.10 or later
– A USB mouse
– USB keyboard

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