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“The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” is a treasure – an elegant and powerful formula for true success and happiness. Robin S. Sharma has it. Can you imagine what it is like to wake up in the morning and realize that you are thirty years old.
I can’t. But it has happened. I wake up in the morning and I smile.
I feel 100 percent. I am healthy and happy.
I feel a hundred percent. I have everything – husband, kids, favorite job, good friends, good books, sea, sun, summer cottage, skiing, biking, traveling, health, love, happiness.
And today I wake up and realize that I am thirty.
And this is just the beginning.
I am happy.
I don’t have the feeling that I live all the time waiting for a miracle, that now is all and then nothing.
It was a good, bright, kind life.
I was happy, I had people close to me, and they all loved me.
And remember how long ago, when I was 12 years old, I wrote that I would never feel happy.
But today I am happy.
I realized a long time ago that I can’t live in constant expectation of everything.
Life is not a marathon where you have to keep running for some prize.
Happiness has its own pace.
It’s not always happy, but it’s always there.
And what foot you stand up from and where you go is your life and your rules.
But if you suddenly fell down and couldn’t get up, it’s time to think and understand what you did wrong.
And what you need to change in order to get up again and run forward.
As you have already realized, our project is devoted to the simplest of life’s “zamora” (that’s from the word “zamora”).
They come in temporary and permanent forms.
And they’re not just “zamora,” they’re whole lives.
But these people have the power that makes them live, no matter what.
It is the power of the spirit.
These people are not just extreme lovers, but extreme people who live by the principle, “Here and now, not sometime later.”
They don’t just think about health and life, they live and work in the most difficult environment.
They are rescuers.
They are the ones who come to the aid where no one expects them.
They do what others cannot do.
And every time they go to work, they do not know whether they will return home.
Because their job is danger.
Their job is to survive.
In this issue:
– “They help us be stronger.”
Volunteers from across the country.
– “We gladly welcome into our ranks anyone who wants to help.”
– “They save lives.”
A rescued cat at the Murkosha Animal Rehabilitation Center
– “What can a person do?”
At the Helping Paw Stray Animal Care Center.”
– “They make our world kinder.”
At the “Murka and Vaska” center
– “Can you do it?”
In the shelter for homeless animals “Rzhevka”
– “We want to live.”
Six months ago, the “Rzhevka” shelter for homeless animals got new residents.
Volunteers brought in dogs from the street that were too weak to go out on their own.
There were about 10 animals, and they all needed to be fed, watered and treated.
In addition, with the onset of cold weather, there were too many dogs.
They needed new homes.
The “Rzhevka” shelter for homeless animals already has several dozen dogs, but those who want to take the dogs to their homes are not decreasing.



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