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This is to approximate a bit-by-bit conversion of a tube equalizer to an editable plugin format.


If you want the vintage Aphex, but in a more convenient format for editing, you can use Waves Vintage Control (which is named Vintage Exciter).
It has similar functionality, but it’s a bit easier to work with.


How do I link to my custom API in a separate Nuxt.js file?

So I have a custom API (using Koa) and I have it working successfully with a simple api.js file.
I have a simple menu bar that is a nav link, and that is linking to api.js:

However, I want to link to a separate menu bar, that is in a different Nuxt file (i.e. a menu-header.vue file).
How can I call my api.js file from here?
I’m assuming it’s something simple that I’m missing…
Thank you!


You can use global pages (or context aware pages) to resolve the links in your markup. That way, you could have some entry point code in your main component and then resolve the link from there with Nuxt’s context.
If you create a Nuxt page with that menu in a file called menu.vue, you can then inject that into your entry point component by using context in your main component and resolving the page component:

My Page
{{ page.content }}

import { inject, use } from “nuxt-class-plugin”

export default page => {
let content
inject(“nuxt-context”, “page”)
use(() => {
return {
content: “test content”

return content

This will create your menu.vue page in your https://www.promorapid.com/upload/files/2022/06/IHQjnBLbfNC3Mr6TmxFv_07_989d27f7aa85c6df1ccc92956a523559_file.pdf



I haven’t used a lot of plugins, but the ones I do use:

Clarity (v. 4) – For low end filter
Ephox Bass Producer (v. 1.2) – For low end bass
EZ Ultrasaw (v. 3.22) – For mid to high end

and I use ReCycle mainly for low end, but can be used for any part of your mix.


Are “figural”, “formal”, and “abstract” terms inconsistent?

“Figural” and “abstract” are synonyms, but they may differ in use.


This may be a matter of personal taste.

(A) Figural art
(B) Figural design

are possible ways of the the same thing.

(A) Figural art
(B) Filled with figural art

are two ways of the same thing.
“Abstract” means “without figural representation”. (Italics added for emphasis)

A practical way of estimating the daily pesticide dose to be given to grape growers.
Doses of pesticides to be administered per year have usually been arrived at by collating the recorded data, calculating percentage usage and multiplying by a factor of the total annual application. This method is both inefficient and uneconomical. The author has used the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Toxicity Dose/Residue Values (TRV) on soybeans to obtain a practical procedure for deriving the dose to be given annually to each grape grower, which automatically takes account of all the factors that may influence the economic balance. A calculation example is presented, illustrating the fundamental basis for the method and showing that it is practicable.
875 So.2d 1229 (2004)
Mario Louis RAOULX, Appellant,
The STATE of Florida, Appellee.
No. 3D03-2216.
District Court of Appeal of Florida, Third District.
May 6, 2004.
Rehearing Denied June 16, 2004.
Mario Louis Raoulx, in proper person.
Charles J. Crist, Jr., Attorney General, and Sharon S. Traxler, Assistant Attorney General, for appellee.




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