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Jan 4, 2018
Getting started with AutoCAD 2015 Mechanical.
AutoCAD Mechanical 2015 – Best way to learn the ins and outs.
AutoCAD Mechanical 2015: New Release – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


There is a MECHANICAL page on AUTOCAD.com explaining a few things.
It says

AutoCAD Mechanical is a leading CAD package with advanced features like
more streamlined and intuitive editing, advanced parametric
capabilities and the industry’s most powerful locking and tracing
technology. AutoCAD Mechanical provides maximum design freedom and
provides more power and control for engineers.

Not sure exactly what those ‘advanced features’ are… But it seems like

a more streamlined and intuitive editing

probably refers to the ribbon interface. But there are also more reports that this is coming to 2016.

tracing technology.

Actually this is not so much of a new feature. It has always been the case that it was possible to use tracing. However in 2010 they added a visual path tracking capability. By the way that is not new. It just lets you specify an image that is supposed to represent the path you want the CAD drawing to follow.
It also says

With AutoCAD Mechanical 2016, users will have the flexibility to
quickly create and edit schematic drawings with parametric interfaces,
and design drawings of complex mechanical projects with multiple
materials, surfaces, and FEA models. These new capabilities provide the
most streamlined and intuitive editing experience for engineers.

So that does not necessarily mean more complex drawing operations. I’d guess that the new interface is based on the more recent releases of Autodesk Productivity Suites.
But my guess is that it is a combination of:

a more streamlined and intuitive editing

more powerful parametric editing
newer features in 2011 and 2012
older but not depreciated features

possible to create P&ID drawings with this program? Is there certain libraries I need and is there tutorials?

You need to create a PCD in DWG format. That will be included in the documentation. But there are some tutorials on YouTube.

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For any AutoCAD user I would suggest looking at the free Autocad Architect which is a great 3D CAD software. I haven’t tried any other 3D CAD software apart from AutoCAD so can’t compare but it seems good from the reviews I have read.
It’s free for personal use and also for commercial projects.

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